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I have been fortunate enough to travel to both the sub-Antarctic islands and the Antarctic Continent several  times. On each visit I am just in awe of the wild and hostile environment  of that area of Planet Earth.

The opportunity to see abundant and unique wildlife that have adapted to the extreme climate and the fury of the Oceans is fundamental to my excitement of each visit.

Penguins particularly have become a passion. I have spent hours upon hours, in all sorts of weather, watching the humanoid and often comical behavior of these extra-ordinary birds.

On these occasions the stresses and tragedy of modern life dissipates and you become truly at one with creation and nature.

Visits to the South

2007 The Antarctic Peninsular Expedition aboard M/V Explorer "The Little Red Ship"
2013 Exodus Photographic Expedition to South Georgia led by Paul Goldstein aboard  Akademik Sergev Vavilov
2015 Self organised photographic visit to the Falkland Islands
2016 Photograpic Expedition to the Weddell Sea organised by Antartcic Logistics & Expeditions, USA
2018 Macquarie Island Expedition organised by Heritage Expeditions, NZ

Photographic Exhibition PDI Acceptances

Southampton International Exhibition of Photography

Winchester National Exhibition
Robin Hood Open Exhibition

Vale of Evesham Annual Exhibition

RPS Nature Member's Exhibition

Basingstoke Camera Club Open National Exhibition

Neath & District PS Salon

Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition

South Birmingham Photographic Society

Rushden and District photographic Society


My favourite equipment for photographing Penguins is a handheld Canon 5D Mk3 with a 70-300 mm lens.

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